Sunny Season Greetings from 3V Underwear from the beach!

While establishing 3V Underwear, we have visited the beautiful beaches of Northern Portugal for so many times. We still enjoy telling stories how we accidentally invented our Beach Club Sand colour during a visit at a popular beach club at “the Foz”, Foz do Douro in Porto. We even published the story on our website!


I Love 3V UnderwearIn our manufacturing process, we pay attention to allow generations after those who wear 3V Underwear today to enjoy clean beaches and seas as we do today. At 3V Underwear, sustainability is not an aim, but a fundamental basis.


We love every minute establishing, developing and improving a sustainable culture of quality and ethics within an end-to-end chain of supply until end-of-life of our products.


On the photo: It really took me some time and effort to find something on the beach to write this into the beach sand and take pictures of it.

But I did, over and over until I thought it was satisfactory. I didn't aim to produce fine photography, but I did want to illustrate why we take so much pride and care to bring 3V Underwear to you!


We are on a journey. Join us for the ride!


Rick van Wijngaarden, Managing Partner