3V Underwear is supporter of dance4life


By buying 3V Underwear, you support dance4life

3V Underwear is fanatic supporter of dance4life. dance4life and 3V Underwear have agreed to periodically make a donation to support their activities in the fight against AIDS.  This donation will be based on the number of shirts that 3V Underwear sells. So if you are a customer with us, you also support this charity. That gives an extra good feeling when wearing 3V Underwear. For you, and for us!

Why do we want to do this?

3V Underwear is committed to corporate social responsibility. We see supporting a charity as an important part of this.
We have also chosen to manufacture our products out of environmental friendly bamboo fabrics. This takes higher production costs, but it is less polluting and adds great value to the functionality and quality of the end-product because of the remarkable properties of bamboo fabrics.  Also in procuring production we pay the necessary attention to social conditions in the production process. .

Why 3V Underwear chose dance4life

3V Underwear is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality men's underwear. Our company philosophy says,' the basis of quality is in good entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and interest in our customers, but also the choice of our partners that we expect to share the same vision and vice versa’.

We have set up a list and compared a number of charity organizations.
dance4life is a very professional and in particular enthusiastic operating organization,  showing great commitment to developing community activities and events to ask attention for a global issue. We find the way dance4life acts distinctive. .

With confidence, we have chosen for dance4life. Their work deserves more attention and support and 3V Underwear wants to contribute from its’ side.

Soon 3V Underwear will also offer an exclusive dance4life shirt. This shirt will have a higher price, directly in favor of dance4life. We aim to give our customers the opportunity to choose to make a personal and additional donation to dance4life.


About dance4life

dance4life works with young people towards a world without AIDS.

We do this through sex education in schools, using music and dance to involve and inspire young people. Furthermore, dance4life motivates young people to take action to stop the worldwide spread of HIV and AIDS. Half of the almost 7.000 people infected with HIV every day are under 25 years old. The initiative is active in 24 countries, spread over 5 continents.

Young people

Worldwide, 34 million people are living with HIV. Thanks to improved prevention programmes, the number of new infections has been on the decrease since 2001. But there remains enough to do, with young people still being hit hard. In many cases, young people do not have access to information about their sexual health and rights; only 1 out of 3 young people worldwide have the knowledge they need about HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, young people in many countries cannot access condoms and are not allowed to get themselves tested without the permission of their parents.

Visit the web site of dance4life:  www.dance4life.com


 dance4life video


Documentary - Doutzen in Nepal with dance4life

To raise awareness among everyone in the Netherlands around the problem of child marriages, our ambassador Doutzen Kroes travelled with dance4life to Nepal.


Doutzen Kroes for dance4life in Philadelphia

dance4life provides young people with information about sex, HIV & AIDS. Since 2009, Doutzen Kroes is ambassador of the dance4life foundation that operates in nearly 30 countries. Recently, Doutzen launched dance4life USA.


dance4life commercial Doutzen Kroes - MY STORY

With the campaign MY story, dance4life wants to break the silence around sex & hiv. In the MY story campaign, the stories of young people from all over the world are central. Read the stories at http://www.dance4life.com/mystory


10 years dance4life - Official after movie

Quote dance4life 12 June 2014: Last Friday dance4life celebrated its 10th anniversary in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, together with ambassadors like Hardwell and Doutzen Kroes. All proceeds of the dinner, auction and dance event - 580.000 euros in total - go to our worldwide education projects.


Tiësto feat. Maxi Jazz - dance4Life | Start dancing: dance4life


More dance4life videos


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