Corporate Social Responsibility - 3V Underwear vision in fashion industry

Social Responsiblity is not an aim, but a fundamental basis
At 3V Underwear we do not primarily aim to produce socially responsible or fair trade clothing, we aim to produce and offer high quality clothing with a beautiful design, high functionality of textiles and eventually combined with comfort, a new experience wearing clothing.
If you think that wearing a garment should feel good, then all those people involved in the preliminary stages should also feel good. Taking social responsibility seriously, and being clear and transparent on this,  is a fundamental basis to us, not an aim.

Eco-friendly textiles manufactured in a safe environment in Portugal.
Our products are manufactured from high quality ecological fabrics such as bamboo and Micro Modal.
The entire production takes place at our partner manufacturer in Portugal, from knitting and dying of the fabric, to the cutting and assembling of the garments.
Our partner manufacturer is certified according to industry standards such as: SGS ISO 9001: 2008, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), BSCI and Oeko-tex 100.
We regularly visit our partner manufacturer and we are more often guided through their various facilities where production takes place.

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Fabrics such as bamboo and modal are ecologically en environmentally friendly, but also own many sophisticated properties. These features come at their best when the fabric is composed of the highest possible proportion of bamboo and modal, and so with the least possible addition of other textiles such as cotton. The same also applies to the environmental friendliness. Our garments are composed of a minimum of 95% bamboo and modal. The minimum addition of elastane (about 5%) is to ensure the pleasant stretch.

Contribute to both economy as to open and fair trade
Also stimulating trade within the EU has our attention, especially with countries that currently receive support from the EU to re-establish their economical health. We must not forget the availability of knowledge and expertise in several industries that these nations have built up over eras.
That is why we specifically mention on our labels "Made within the European Union" or "EU".
This does not mean that we are against production in Asian countries, because we also find many well-intentioned professionals here with high levels of expertise in the clothing and fashion industry. As for us, it is a task for the big brands to show with whom they do business and dare to allow consumers a look on the workfloor at the workplace where their clothes are manufactured.

Social activity that gives a good feeling
Producing social activity that gives people a good feeling, doing something good for someone else, we love that! Therefore 3V Underwear is a fanatic supporter of dance4life.
dance4life and 3V Underwear agreed to periodically make a donation to dance4life to support them in their activities in the fight against AIDS and other human rights issues in the world, eg. child marriages.
We find it distinctive how dance4life pursues its objectives, often with the support of their  ambassadors like Doutzen Kroes and Hardwell.

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Green power
We sell our products through online shopping. Internet web servers have a high demand of energy, and energy production is the biggest threat of global warming because of Co2 emissions.

3V Underwear is confident to choose for partners only that guarantee delivery of services by the use of “Green Power”.