Size Table 3V Underwear Deep V T-Shirts


Body weight > 160-172 cm 170-178 cm 176-184 cm 180-192 cm 190 cm +
Body weight          
100 kg +     L XL XL
88-100 kg   M L L L
78-90 kg M M M L L
68-80 kg M M M M L
60-70 kg S S S M M
< 62 kg S S S    


Assisting you by choosing the right size.
Please take good notice of our size table, and if needed, measure your chest, waist and hip size and compare the results with the size categories as indicated.
In case that your sizes match numbers of two categories in the size table (like M and L, or L and XL), we recommend that you choose for the smallest of both categories.
Many men wear a Large size polo shirt, but Medium size underwear. So when you choose, be sure not to choose your 3V shirt size based on the size that you wear for your polo or casual t-shirt.
3V Shirts have a pleasant stretch, and it is intended that the shirts should be worn closely fitted to the body. Finally, it's underwear. If you choose too large, the shirt might lose some functional properties.



Upper top to bottom shirt 72 cm 76 cm 76 cm 78 cm